Incorporated June 15th 2015

Non-Profit 501(c)(3)

Tax ID # 47-4533365

We are a Non-Breed Specific Animal Rescue. We are here to pay a Debt to the Animal World for the abuses, neglect and abandonment perpetrated on them by Humans. We rescue dogs scheduled for euthanization from high kill shelters, other rescues or Owner Surrenders. It is rare to find a rescue who will take Owner Surrenders. We do whatever is medically necessary to heal them. We focus on those in desperate need that nobody wants. We have wonderful relationships with other rescues. Some save dogs from life on the street. Some are heartworm positive whom we have treated and rehomed. Some have been beaten and abused so terribly that rehabilitation can be lengthy. NO DOG leaves our rescue until fully ready.

In addition to our dogs available for adoption, we have a small Senior and Hospice group. We have blind, deaf/blind, dying of heart/kidney failure and some simply too old to find another home. We provide them food, shelter, exercise and as much love as possible until The Rainbow Bridge calls them home.

Our facility in Colorado can house up to 50 dogs, which includes our adoptables, personal, senior and hospice. Our adoption process is as follows: Adoption Application, reference checks, home visits and follow-up visits. Many adopters often send updated pictures. Our dogs do NOT leave an Adoption Event unless pre-arranged. We personally deliver to their new home. Every dog is fully vetted before adoption and includes Spay/Neuter, all vaccines, microchipped, heartworm tested and provided with 6 months of Heartgard and 3 months of Bravecto flea/tick preventative.

In 2015, we rescued 120 dogs.  34 were adopted in Colorado; 32 were transferred to Sherry, a partner rescue in Seattle, 1 was returned to their owner and 1 was euthanized due to cancer. 52 remained going into 2016. In January 2016, we adopted 10 in Colorado, transferred 13 to Sherry, a partner rescue in Seattle and 29 remained.  In February, we have 14 separate Adoption Events planned.  For our first year of rescue, 6/15/2015 – 12/31/2015, we had $198,000 contributed of which $17,000 were outside donations, $8,745.49 were adoption fees and $172,254.55 was contributed as a one-time private donation. We spent $101,000 on Operating Expenses which includes vetting, dog food, transports, rescue fees, dog supplies, training.  We spent $96,000 on Capital Expenses which includes build out of kennels, concrete pads, outside large kennels, individual dog houses in the outside kennels, construction of a 32’ x 40’ Dog House with heat, bathroom, grooming. I think it’s safe to say that we are all 150% committed to The Animal Debt Project – for LIFE!

We are part of our Community and do what we can to “Give Back”. We help others feed those who have nothing. We drive hundreds of miles to rescue, do home checks/visits, deliver dogs, attend adoption events and anything else needed to build our rescue and save lives. We rescue anywhere in the U.S. and through an excellent and reputable rescue in Tijuana, Mexico, where ALL dogs are 100% vetted prior to coming to the U.S. We will adopt to any family, anywhere who is responsible and approved through our process.

Rescue is not a “job” for us. It’s a Lifetime Passion, Calling, Commitment and Dedication. There are no set hours, no vacations or days off and no rest.

“Animal Rescue is hard work. It requires you to be tough. Being physically or emotionally weak is never an option. It is a 24/7 commitment. It never ends. You often want to give up but every tail wag and happy ending reminds you why all the time, tears, money and pain are worth it”.  Author unknown.

THIS is Who and What THE ANIMAL DEBT PROJECT is all about.