Ready to Adopt Your New Family Member?


Due to COVID-19 and the current situation, we are limiting the amount of visitors. We are still adopting and fostering dogs, with the adoption process being done on-line, over the phone and by appointment.

We would love to be a part of uniting a deserving dog with their best human(s). To begin this process, let us introduce some of our furry friends!


Edie Messick

(415) 844-0801

Jeff Meyers

(562) 455-6305

Dennis Murphy

(925) 273-4352



Roman is a 1-year-old husky/shepherd/boxer mix. He is sweet, fun-loving and a very smart boy. He can even ring a bell when he has to go outside!


Meet Delilah, she is about 1 year old. Very playful. She is spayed and has had her shots.


Nena is a 5-year-old yellow lab mix from Texas. Her bonded buddy is Nan, who share a kennel inside and outside. She can also play with a non-dominant male. She is a good girl, who is quick to pick up training, and has the energy to play. No cats please.


Meet Ada! This 7-year-old black pittie was taken in by ADP to keep her from being euthanized in Fresno, CA.


Bruce is a 3-year-old shepherd/bull terrier mix, who is an all-around great dog. He loves and does well with children, loves to play ball and even more so, his 5-gallon bucket! He traveled to Colorado all the way from New Mexico.


Meet Taffy! She is 1.5-years-old an a lab mix from Mexico. She has so much love to give! She gets excited and does well with her training. She plays well with other dogs, and she connects well with all age groups. 


We are not sure how old Krash is, but the people who surrendered her to us said 11. She does not act 11! She acts more like a 5-year-old, and a sweet, playful one at that.


Sable was with her humans her whole life, when they both became disabled. Somehow, she handles the madness of the rescue. She definitely is food-driven, but she has done well to socialize with many different people and animals.


Mia 2.5-year-old mix I am also working daily with her. She needs more human interaction. She is Bambi’s mother and was used for breeding (as you can see how beautiful she is).

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