Adoption Contract

The ADOPTER agrees to adopt the following animal (hereinafter called "dog") from The Animal Debt Project, Inc:

(01) As ADOPTER, l/We agree to pay the sum of $ for the adoption of said dog.
(02) l/We agree to allow a representative of ADP to visit our premises to ensure the terms of this agreement have been kept.
(03) l/We agree that we are adopting said dog as a personal pet and companion and not as a gift for another or as a guard dog or to be sold for ANY reason.
(04) l/We agree to maintain said dog in a fenced yard or an approved dog kennel. During times of bad weather, said dog will be housed indoors or in a clean and dry shelter away from the elements.
(05) l/We agree that said dog will not be kept strictly outdoors and will not be kept tethered for more than three
(3) hours at a time.
(06) l/We agree that said dog will be provided with adequate fresh food, water, shelter, daily exercise, "Good Citizen" training and loving humane treatment at all times.
(07) l/We agree that said dog will be kept up to date on all vaccines and visit a veterinarian at least once per year for said vaccines and health check. l/We agree to be responsible for any vet bills incurred for the life of this dog and this contract.
(08) l/We agree to keep said dog safe from predators and unsafe situations. At NO TIME should said dog be sold to science for research, used for animal sacrifices, used for or in the training of dog fighting animals or otherwise placed in dangerous or life threatening situations.
(09) l/We agree not to mutilate said dog in any way including tail docking (cutting off) or ear cropping (surgically shaping) or requesting that this be done by anyone else, licensed veterinarian or not.
As ADOPTER, l/We agree to the following Return Policies:
(10) Said dog is on a 30 day trial period, although adoption has been completed. Any time within the 30 day period, said dog may be returned to The ADP and another dog may be selected on a 30 day trial basis. If after the second trial dog does not work out, the dog must still be returned to The ADP from where adopted and not taken to any other facility. ADOPTER will have six (6) months from date of return to pick a new dog.
(11) l/We understand that any sum given to The ADP for this adoption will become a donation to The ADP in order for The ADP to continue its work and care of the animals. IT IS NOT REFUNDABLE. The ADP is a Non-Profit 501(c)(3) and all donations are tax deductible. Tax ID # is 47-4533365.
(12) l/We understand that ADP makes no representations, warranty or guarantee as to the health, breed, size, disposition or expected life span of any animal because ADP is uncertain of its background. l/We understand that the animal has displayed no evidence of illness or health problems during its time at ADP other than those disclosed during the adoption and on "observation".
(13) ANY failure to comply with this contract and mistreatment of the dog of ANY SORT will result in a surrender of the dog back to The ADP. Any and all legal fees and court costs necessary to enforce this contract will be the obligation of the ADOPTER, including all those incurred by The ADP. Any disputes or legal action arising from said adoption MUST be filed in Weld County, Colorado, jurisdiction of the Animal Debt Project, Inc.
As ADOPTER, l/We agree to the following Liability Agreements:
(14) It is understood that The ADP assumes NO responsibility for damage to property or to injuries caused by said dog to persons, property or other pets and/or animals.
(15) Again, The ADP gives NO warranties covering the health or temperament of the above mentioned dog (neither expressed nor implied). The ADP DOES test for Heartworm. If negative, dog is put on a heartworm preventative. If positive, dog is enrolled in a 6 month treatment program and all costs associated are covered by The ADP. ADOPTERS are responsible to take to appointment. New owners must have dog tested once a year.
(16) If ADOPTER is choosing a puppy that has not been fully vaccinated before adoption, ADOPTER agrees to keep the puppy away from other dogs and all areas where Parvo, Distemper and other viruses may exist and infect the puppy and cause illness or death. This includes Dog Parks and friends/neighbors that have dogs. A series of 3 vaccines is necessary to protect the puppy and all costs associated are covered by The ADP.
(17) The ADP has disclosed animal origination, such as shelters, owner surrenders, strays, other States or Countries. We have fully disclosed any and all information THAT WE HAVE BEEN MADE AWARE OF but can't guarantee any behavior or problem outside of what we've been told and/or experienced.
(18) The ADP has provided every dog with a health exam, required vaccinations, microchip and sterilization. To the best of our knowledge, at the time of adoption the dog is healthy. A full record of procedures while in the care of The ADP will be provided along with a Rabies Prevention brochure. By way of signature below, you acknowledge that you have been provided and received full disclosures, including medical care, a Rabies Prevention brochure and any/all Waivers from shelters provided to The ADP if applicable.
(19) In the RARE case that a dog has NOT been sterilized prior to adoption, the ADOPTER will pay an additional $50 Refundable Deposit and sign a Spay/Neuter Agreement. Sterilization arrangements will be made by The ADP and relayed to the ADOPTER. It is the ADOPTER'S responsibility to ensure the dog is taken to the appointment and picked up. The procedure will be done within 30 days of adoption unless the dog is too young. Puppies will be sterilized at four (4) months. Once procedure is completed, the $50 deposit will be returned.
(20) Due to the potential for exposure to unforeseen viruses that may exist within the shelter and thus in the adopted dog, we STRONGLY encourage the adopted dog/puppy be held in isolation from other household dogs and neighborhood dogs for a period of ten (10) days to ensure their lack of exposure.
(21) Adopter, by way of signature on this Adoption Contract, agrees that said dog now belongs to them and they are 100% responsible for dog's behavior, medical, etc. Adopter agrees to Hold Harmless and Indemnify The Animal Debt Project, Inc. Adopter agrees to accept 100% responsibility for any future costs unless otherwise prearranged in writing with the ADP and notated herein on this Adoption Contract.

l/We swear and affirm that l/We are at least 18 years of age and able to sign a legal contract. All parties agree that this IS a legal contract and can be used in a court proceeding if necessary. Any disputes or legal action arising from said adoption MUST be filed in Weld County, Colorado, jurisdiction of the Animal Debt Project, Inc. Parties are required to submit a copy of ID to confirm age. Any Adopter under the age of 18 or living at home, MUST have approval and signature by all parties living in the home who are 18 years or older. In addition, any party over the age of 18 living in same home as Adopter must sign contract, thereby acknowledging they know Adopter is bringing a dog into the home and they agree with it.

I agree to ADP's terms listed above.