How Much Is Transport

As indicated, we strive to keep our prices low to accommodate rescues.  However, we also transport for individuals who are not associated with a rescue as long as they provide all required paperwork and dogs are healthy.

  • Small dogs; up to 15 pounds who use a 24” crate are $50
  • Medium dogs; up to 25 pounds who use a 36” crate are $75
  • Medium dogs; up to 35 pounds who use a 42” crate are $85
  • Large dogs: up to 60 pounds who use a 48” crate are $100
  • XLarge dogs; any over 60 pounds who use a crate larger than 48” are $150

ALL DOGS OTHER THAN SMALL, require a properly fitted harness for potty breaks. In addition, ALL dogs must have a collar with an ID tag – tag must have name of dog and a phone number in case of an emergency.  NONE of us ever want to be in an accident but ID tags are the quickest way to help a dog in the event of one.