Nana & Nena

Nana & Nena

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  • August 23, 2018

Nana- Rottweiler/Pit Bull Mix- 5 Years

Nena- Labrador/Pit Bull Mix- 4 Years

Nan is a big girl, very loving. With proper introductions, she is good with other dogs her size. She is a moderate alpha but has been kenneled the past couple years with another female, Nena. No Cats. Nana really deserves a chance with a good family that has a big yard and older children due to her size. She loves to give kisses.

Nena is a high energy, alpha female. Plays great with another non-dominant male. She has mellowed quite a bit and is doing very well on a leash. She is a good girl that can be easily trained for a great family pet. Due to her size and energy, we recommend children over 10. As well,  She has become partially bonded with another semi-dominant female, Nana. They have shared a kennel and pasture time for a couple of years now.

We would love to see them adopted together but they can be separated if necessary.